Meizu should use Andorid One on Global devices #meizuandroidone

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We are fans of all Global countries.  Everyone is different and everyone has different culture,  but all of us have one huge pleasure...

We don't want to leave MEIZU! Brand is as special for us as NFC for Global users. Software is the biggest problem...

We are writing this petition, because MEIZU Global phones are exhausted by Flyme OS - software which looks quite good, but it's unusable. It has thousand of bugs and really bad optimization.

This problem exists for such a long time - 3 years. Every smartphone reviewer say "Meizu's smartphones are good, but their software has too many bugs...".

We know it's not easy to improve it.  Recently some MEIZU employees has left company which is not a good information and it won't repair our problem.  Soon we will see Flyme 8. We hope it'll have better optimization than Flyme 7, but our hope is weaker and weaker. After Flyme 6 people were really disappointed. For few years situation didn't changed. Flyme still has many bugs.

We - Global users want Meizu phone Global version with Android One. That device will become very popular! We are fed up with bugs in Flyme and we want to use MEIZU phone with no bugs, without any problems... Pure Android!

We wrote many petitions in the past which were disregarded... We are upset, we didn't got a hearing, this is our last try.

Meizu recently appear in another Global countries, 90% of users complain of software - battery is draining too fast,  animations are not working well and it has many bugs...

Tech reviewers say "Meizu 16th would be a perfect phone,  but Flyme...". Android One would definitely change situation! If we don't improve software, situation won't become better...

We hope that MEIZU will listen to us and change this situation soon,  we don't want to leave our MEIZU devices. We want to stay with MEIZU! 

With respect and trust,

The Global community of MEIZU


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