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Hay House to take full responsibility for wrong suicide /medical info spread by Hay House's "angel medium" Doreen Virtue. Answer how they and other Hay House psychics keep plugging her as real no matter what she says / does that can harm innocent people

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Doreen Virtue on Sept 22,2012 in Seattle  WA ( at a shared event with medium John Holland )  told an African American mother of an actively suicidal 20 yr old young son wrong suicide info in front of a group of 700 people. She told this mother that "those who talk of suicide do not do  it. They just want attention. They need counseling.. but they don't EVER do it."

This is one of the #1 deadly MYTHS on suicide & Doreen Virtue in her angel BS gave it out as a truth of suicide.

Doreen Virtue  seems to feel entitled to not only leave wrong suicide info in play.. but to impart other wrong medical information in the name of angels . She can do so boldly with no fear of being called out for endangering life for the  New Age culture is all about  protect the money not the actual consumers whom they pretend to serve. I've been trying for 2 yrs to get this corrected..

Virtue's wrong suicide statement was never publicly corrected by Reid Tracy for them to do so would expose  the reality of Doreen Virtue is a fraud. Reference Reid Tracy's email

 Who knows how many who were present may now of in the future fail to get help for a suicidal person in time or spread one of the #1 myths on suicide ...  for they have been told those who talk of suicide never do it..  That "people who talk of suicide do not do it.. They just want attention.. They need counseling. But they don't EVER do it."

Medium John Holland did nothing to stop it! Holland was taped over a  yr later plugging a Doreen Virtue book to a group of people in AZ caring not if he was leading those in AZ to one who might not only take them for they money but their lives.He still has Doreen Virtue book on his suggested list no matter what dangerous wrong medical info she gives out.

Hay House author Sonia Choquette ( plugged by John Holland,James Van Praagh &  Dr Brian Weiss ) who has known of the suicide comment( & is the one who gave me the CEO of Hay House's email )  is actively plugging Doreen Virtue to her fan base no matter the harm it can do.

Even Wayne Dyer continued to plug Doreen as real even AFTER he knew she was giving out wrong medical info. Wayne Dyer was never in life called out for the wrong shit he furthered by plugging Doreen Virtue & Esther Hicks.. Dyer never in life called out any of the wrong stuff around him at Hay House that he had tied to  .. for it would not  be as profitable I suspect.

 No one should be endangered in the name of angels and dead people in Heaven. The continued plugging of Doreen Virtue's fraud by Hay House and her co-authors and presenters is indefensible..

 Virtue has not only endangered those in the US.. she gave out an angel message in Australia not to get flu shots according to this blogger

Virtue at one point started putting up a bunch of anti-flu shot posts so  a mother of 3 children Facebooked her & asked about her  views of vaccinations for children.

Virtue wrote if she had small children now she would not vaccinate them for anything. She would home school them or send them to the waldorf's. That post I believe was up for about 9 mo until the Measles outbreak started in the US. Who knows how many children are not fully vaccinated due to Doreen Virtue's posts . Some posts tied to Virtue  encouraging people not to get flu shots:

Hay House 's Dr Brian Weiss failed to step up to call out the fraud of medical endangerment  when he found that Virtue had given out wrong suicide info.. He is a medical doctor, a Columbia/Yale graduate, who took a medical oath to protect life.. As psychiatrist one would think that should include people's mental health too ..

Dr Weiss plugs Doreen Virtue: ;

Realm reader Doreen Virtue : 

Realm Reader guess what realm Ellen DeGeneres is? Is she human?  

How does a psychiatrist plug this ? Is this how Doreen Virtue does her "research"?

Why take ADHD medication prescribed by MD when there is an oracle deck?

Dr Brian Weiss plugs John Holland .

Doreen Virtue Pain video w/ Robert Reeves:  people beyond the illusion of their pain people have happy healthy bodies?

Medium James Van Praagh plugs Doreen Virtue to his fans despite her wrong suicide info, her dangerous anti-vaccine statements &her selling mediumship itself . He makes excuses to endanger the living while claiming he is  talking to their "dead people".  He teaches everyone is psychic but  not everyone a medium.. so how could he ever endorse anyone selling mediumship to all with certification via dvd for only $400 at Doreen Virtue's Angel University LLC  ?  

Deepak Chopra plugs James Van Praagh knowing Van Praagh plugs Doreen Virtue . Chopra also plugs Esther Hicks at his  Chopra center.. Hicks has been recorded telling people medicine is just a dog and pony show working only on belief.

Its time to call out the psychic fraud  before the fraud causes someone to meet their angels as part of Heaven! Jan 2014 someone tied to me asked me to pray for his friend's granddaughter Savannah. She died  the next day of flu complications at 11 yrs of age .

Guardian angels do not endanger human life.

No one with real spiritual gifts bought them via DVD or  via online class or gained them on a Hay House cruise.

Let change come NOW!

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