Justice For Kanga

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Kanga, a pit-bull trained as a service dog for a young child with autism was found in a unclassified park April 2018, by a hiker passing through. Kanga was left for dead. She was chipped and owned by Julie Grudosky aka. Julie Caudill for her young child that will remained unknown.

Below you will find the article about Kanga and her training to help the young child who is autistic:


Here is a list of the current health problems Kanga has developed:

April 28th, 2018

Post from Medina County SPCA

Right now, the top contender is a condition called Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE). Which means that her gut is not working right. Instead of absorbing proteins via her intestines as a normal part of digestion, the proteins "fall through" her intestines and don't get absorbed. So she can eat and eat, and still end up starving to death. This is a very serious condition that would have to be managed carefully with a special diet and medications for the rest of her life.

The second thought the vets have is that it may be cancer. Or... it may be cancer and PLE, both. We're going to need even more testing to be sure.

Right now, we're still working to stabilize Kanga's condition. But in the two weeks she's been here, she's lost more than 20 POUNDS of excess fluid.

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/298290063307/posts/10156394964763308/

July 19th 2018

Post from Medina County SPCA

Kanga's protein levels continue to drop. In fact, all of her numbers are worse. The ultrasound gave us more questions and no answers.

The internal medicine specialist tells us that we're basically "out of options" because the medications simply aren't working.

We're going to try one last medication (the vet is not hopeful, though) and one more diet change. It's a last ditch effort to turn her around.

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/298290063307/posts/10156591660248308/

The Owner: Julie has been contacted by Medina County SPCA and without witnesses to the crime they can not prosecute. Julie has stated that she gave away the dog two years ago, even though people she has had interactions with in person and social media can prove she had Kanga up until the time that she was dumped. Julie has since disappeared and has failed to contact the Medina County SPCA. You would think that the very dog that was such a support system for her child would be a concern for her but it was not.

Julie has been a public nuisance for 1000s of people in the North East Ohio area! From the fake claims of having cancer, to falsely claiming to be a Marine each lie has gotten worst and unfortunately it went from lying about something that has a negative effect on the lives of others to the harming of an animal. The community has had enough! It is time that justice is given for the harm that has come to Kanga. There are other ways of handling the treatment of a dog even if it means giving her up to a shelter. If she continues to get away with doing these things, what will be the next crime committed and who will be her next victim? She creates major issues such as the ones that are causing Kanga to suffer daily and packs up and disappears. Our community wants justice for this crime and any other crime committed. Kanga was a well trained dog that was meant to be a support for someone not to be left for dead, sick and alone. This petition will be sent to the Medina County Court of Common Pleas as well as Medina County SPCA.


If you were a witness to this crime please speak up and contact Carrie the Humane Officer at Medina County SPCA with information. You can contact her at: 330-723-7722. Leave a message and she will return your call.


Please continue to keep Kanga in your thoughts and prayers!