Stop the cost increase of OBMI license

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As a ARDMS registered and Oregon licensed ultrasonographer, I represent myself and others opinion that the increase in the OBMI registration fees are not merited.  According to your website, "increased fees would be used to replenish OBMI reserves that were depleted over the past 10 years, pay for increased costs for governmental services, and pay for the new database system".  There has been no communications to indicate the purpose or usage of the depleted funds and how long it would take to recoup these funds.  How do we know these costs won't keep increasing?  Also, how long would it take to recoup the funds necessary for essentially a new software upgrade for your organization?  Increasing the OBMI licensure renewal fee by nearly 100% is a large demand to put on all registrants with no assurances to how it will benefit the individual registrant, or future cost increases.  

As a nationally registered technologist for nearly 15 years, I am paying an annual fee to a governing body (ARDMS) that manages the verification of my credentials, continuing education, etc and it's difficult to justify paying such an increase to a now second governing body with no assurance fees won't continue to rise.

In conclusion, the fees OBMI has presented beginning in 2021 do not appear to be justified, especially such a substantial rise.  I am concerned, along with my many other colleagues in the field of imaging, that fees will continue to rise with inadequate justification.