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Punish Bad Doctors, Nurses, Many Patients Die of Negligence, ineptitude; Not The Disease

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With deep pains and broken heart I decide to write this petition on behalf of myself and my bereaved family to lament and seek punitive justice over the death of my son, Yusuf who was made to suffer untold pains and travail in the hands of doctors and nurses who exhibited a record state of negligence over the management of his ill condition at the ATBUTH, Bauchi. 
My son developed signs of fever on Friday the 25th of August, 2017, and I promptly took him to the private hospital (REEMEE CLINIC), which is still rated one of the best private health facilities in the state. At the hospital he was diagnosed of fever and a mild typhoid. The doctor placed him on a three-day injection and some antibiotics as well as pain relievers. But all through Friday to Saturday, the 26th August, my son did not show any sign of improvement as he kept on vomiting and complaining of abdominal pains. I took him back to see the doctor on Saturday after, and an abdominal scanning was recommended and carried out at once The result indicated that my son had a severe case of Typhoid, which the doctor said was serious but has not damaged anything in his stomach. Hence he changed some of his medication with some stronger antibiotics which we immediately began to administer on him. But despite this, my son kept complaining of worsening abdominal pains and the vomiting persisted despite the ORT and the medication we were giving him. We also noticed that he could not go to toiled since Saturday. 
We also observed that his nausea and persistent vomiting continued as he could not ingest solid food. His temperature and pulse rate continue to rise; we also noticed an increase in breathing and and shallow breaths;  and we also observed that he suddenly has a slightly bloated abdomen.  
With the advise from many friends who are medical personnel, we were asked to take him to the ATBU Teaching Hospital where we believed there are experienced doctors and consultant paediatricians that could best attend to our son's ill health. 
On Monday, as early as 7am, we were at the trauma centre of the Teaching Hospital where the two doctors there could not attend to us even though we rushed in as emergency patients. The doctors said they had other critical patients to attend to; hence they said we should go straight to the Paediatric Medical Ward. I rushed my son, who continued to vomit intermittently to the PMW where I met two doctors that said they were rounding off their night call duty. 
He was admitted as a patient with Case Folder Unit Number:- 223381
They asked me of my son's medical condition which I narrated to them, and my son too, who was still very conscious also answered several questions that the doctors asked him. 

Despite examining his stomach and felt that his pulse rate was very low, nothing was administered to him to keep him on the balance. At a point my son was abandoned for a patient that was rushed in unconscious. We had to wait for nearly an hour while my son continued to lament in pains and kept on vomitting. 
At about 8am, some fresh doctors came to take over from those on night duty. They too took over the Clerking of the boy, and it also dragged on for yet another hour or more. At about 9am, the Head of the Paediatric Ward, one Dr Adedeji ( a Consultant, I guess), walked into the hospital to see my son and also observed that his condition was serious as he quickly noticed that his pulse was low. He urged the doctors to rush the clerking and administer some fluid on the boy. A canula was fixed on my boy's hand but nothing else like drip was given to him. In stead we were asked to go an carry out an abdominal scanning. That was at about 10.30 am. We rushed down to the Radiology Unit where the scanning was done and the result only came out at about 12 noon.

The result clearly indicated that my son's abdominal scanning showed "Features of Intestinal  Obstruction with background Generalised PERITONITIS. (The scan Result and Photos are hereby attached. 
We brought the child back to the PMW where the doctors gave us a catalogue of medications and other related medical kits we needed to go buy outside the hospital. We were also handed a another request form to go and conduct an Xray on his abdomen. The doctors handling his case said we had to go outside the hospital to do the Xray, as we might not get the result if we go to the Radiology  Unit of the Teachign Hospital. And they recommended a particular laboratory where we went to do the Xray. It took them two hours to get us the Xray. 

We return to the PMW of the Teaching Hospital at about 3pm. We met no nurse at the Ward where we were admitted and given bed. 

We had to go looking for the nurses and the doctors before one of them, a doctor,  said he would join us shortly. 

Nothing was given to my son despite his condition and persistent vomit that contained blood. I called the attention of the doctors to it and they later came to us. At that time it was about 5pm. The head of the Peadiatric Ward, Dr Adedeji later came in to the Ward and was shocked to find out that my son had not been given any drip or fluid since morning. He then insisted that the Nurse and the younger doctor on duty should immediately fix the drip and other medications we bought on my son. 
My son, was brought to the hospital at about 7am but was not given any form of medication until 5.30; this was after I had informed them that he had not been eating food and had not been passing stool or gas or urine in the past 48 hours. The boy became weak and dehydrated that it took them some time to get his veins to fix the Canula. 

Afterwards, an NG Tube which we bought since morning was fixed through his nose to evacuate the pressure of liquid substance that was in his stomach. 

The Head of the PMW later informed me that should he fail to assemble the surgeons that would open up my son, he may have to refer me to Jos University Teaching Hospital or Federal Medical Centre Gombe. He said the hospital was in gross shortage of doctors especially surgeons. The time was 5.40pm.  And he said he would ask me to seek external help should he fail to get a green light from the surgical team that they could do the surgery on my son on that very day. 
He said I may have to drive my son on my own to either of the hospital he may have referred me to. I said fine. 

But shortly afterwards, at about 6pm, a female doctor came in from the Surgical Ward to inform us that she was asked to come and take over my son and get him prepared for surgery. She took over the case and began another round of clerking. She then asked me if any blood investigation had been carried out on my son. I said none, except the blood sugar test that carried out on him some few minutes earlier. 

She then told me that I had to go and carry out the blood investigation, and that they are three in number. I asked her why didn't the hospital gave us these texts to carry out much earlier. Her reply was "I don't know; as you can see I am not in the Peadiatric Medical Ward; I am from the surgical ward". 

I collected the request forms for Chemical Pathology, Blood Transfusion and Haematology that she handed to me, and instructed that I should go outside the hospital to get it done at a private Laboratory. There at the Lab I was informed that normally such blood investigations usually take 24 hours but they agreed to do it for me in about three hours. and the time was 7pm. 

While I was away my wife called to inform me that my the Head of the Paediatric surgical ward came and asked that my son should be taken to the Paediatric Surgical Ward (PSG). She said he examined my son and told her that "I won't say there is nothing to be worried about; but everything is under control, and the surgery will be done tomorrow". 

I was shocked to hear that a boy that was rushed to the hospital in such critical condition would be delayed till the next day -  this was regardless of the critical fact that a Lab test had indicated that he has already suffered PERITONITIS which I later on learnt ought to have been followed up with an emergency surgery to save a patient's life. But the Surgeon did not even give us the time our son would have his surgery done the next day. 
My son was later moved to the PSW on a wheel chair while having a Canula, a Catatar, and NG tube on him. Sadly the two nurses on duty at the PSW did not help my wife to get the boy on his bed, Rather she was asked to do the bed on her own; she later had to carry the boy with all those medical gadgets on him to the bed without the help of either of the nurses. 
During the process of getting him on the bed, my son who had been complaining of the natural discomfort and irritation that the NG Tube was causing him, decided to pull it off  his nose. My wife called the attention of the nurses that the NG Tube had come off. But none of the nurses responded. In stead, the head nurse on duty came and yelled at my son that "You have removed it right? That is how you will stay till morning!" 

That statement came from a senior nurse who had all the knowledge and experience about the importance of an NG Tube to a child or any patient that was in that medical condition like that of my son's. 
One of the nurses later came to administer an injection on the child and told my wife that the boy would have his next dose of injection by 2am. 

Later on the condom Catatar that was fixed on my son's penis, to ease his like urine and monitor his urine discharge, came off. My wife called the attention of the nurses to it and they said they could not help because they don't use Condom Catatar in the Ward. That we should find something with which to collect his urine till tomorrow when we buy the normal catatar. 
My son could not sleep all night due to the rising pains in his abdomen. He kept complaining of stomach pains that gave him discomfort. At about midnight, his canula shifted and his drip was not passing through his veins . My wife called the attention of the nurses to it..One of the nurses came, while the other one remained seated. The younger nurse called on the senior one for help, but the senior nurse said she would not be able to help because she had problem seeing at night. She never bothered even when the second nurse observed that my son's veins were fast collapsing and the blood clotted immediately on each spot she tried to fix the Canula. After long minutes of trial she fixed the canula the two nurses went to sleep. At 2am, my wife called on the nurses to see if they could help my son to administer his injections, but the senior nurse said they were already asleep and it should be left till morning. It took the yelling of my wife to get the junior nurse up to attend to my son. 

At that time the boy went in to serious pains and crisis as he continued to wriggle in pains and his abdomen became pressured and bloated. At that point the boy said he wanted to defecate; which he did with the help of my wife. But he could no longer stand on his feet. His breathing became short and fast. My wife called on the nurses who reluctantly came to her and observed that the boy was gasping for breathe. One of the nurses who responded said they don't have the contact of the two doctors on duty. So they could not help. My wife asked them to use the Oxygene tube to help him. When they brought the Oxygene, the wall socket was not working before they could reluctantly look for an extension wire it became too late. The boy was still gasping intermittently when the nurse gave up. My wife carried on with the Chest Compression until the child died on her hands.

Our son, Master Yusuf Abdulkareem died at 3am. It took the Ward Porter about one hour and 30 minutes to locate where one of the doctors that was supposed to be on duty at the PSW was sleeping before he could come to certify him dead at 4.30am. 

1. Our son, Yusuf Abdulkareem was diagnosed of Peritonitis which demanded an urgent surgery but he did not get it. 

2. Our son was rushed to the hospital under an emergency conditions early as 7am, but all the medication he needed was delayed till evening 

3. Doctors did not find it necessary to help him with the NG Tube to evacuate the fluid in his stomach; rather he was left to suffer

4. No drip was administer on him to balance his drained body fluid until it was very late. 

5. Vital tests like blood examinations Chemical Pathology, Blood Transfusion and Haematology )needed for a patient before surgery were not prescribed until it was too late

6. The surgery that was supposed to be urgent wad delayed even after  the Surgeons saw the Radiological results (both Scanned and Xrayed) indicating that my son  had a perforated intestine and peritonitis. 

7. His NG-Tube which was helping him to ease the pressure of fluids in his bloated abdomen came off and the Nurses on duty on the night of 28th August failed to help him; rather they threatened that he would remain with the pains like that till morning; and our son died even before morning. 

8. The two medical doctors that were supposed to be on duty were no where near the PSW all through the night; hence they could not be reached when my son was in pains that later led to his death. 

9. We want the MDCN to investigate why doctors' duty roster would be placed on notice board without the phone numbers of the doctors. 

10. The Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee, ATBUTH had led a six-man delegation to my house in Bauchi on 31st August, 2017 to condole us and admitted that something went wrong, hence the CMD had set up an audit of how my son's case was handled. We want the MDCN to call for a prudent followup on the matter and let justice be done; because we are worried with the fact that several of such professional negligence that occur almost on regular basis in the hospital were not audited and culprits do go free. 

11. We are not saying this could bring back the life of our son, but we want to stop a trend of deaths due to negligence in the ATBUTH. 


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