Meadows Condos - Stop Killing Geese

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A resident of the Meadows at Washington Township reported recently witnessing a roundup and killing of several dozen geese at the condominium complex.

Please email and call the Meadows property manager, Tom Scull and let him know how you feel about what has been done to the geese and their children. Request that Tom forward your information to the board of directors.
"Most roundups occur during the birds’ annual molt when they are growing new flight feathers and can’t fly—from mid-June through July. Canada geese congregate where they find food and safety from predators to molt.

Once they gather together and can’t fly away, they are readily caught. Young birds will not have developed the ability to fly yet and are easily gathered in roundups as well. Trappers set up portable pens and simply herd geese inside. Then geese are picked up one or two at a time and carried to a gas chamber or a crate.

What happens to geese who are rounded up?
Many are packed in crates and trucked to slaughterhouses to be killed and processed. Since meat from federally protected birds cannot be sold, it is instead offered to food banks to create the impression that the killing, unnecessary in the first place, was a charitable act. But it is droppings on the grass, not feeding the hungry, that motivates roundups.

If not slaughtered, geese are killed by lethal gas—often in small chambers on the back of trucks brought directly to the roundup site. Geese are loaded into the chamber one at a time until several are inside. Witnesses can hear the geese banging and thumping trying to escape. When the chamber is full, the geese are gassed and dumped in trash bags to make room for more birds.

Sometimes goslings are spared and shipped to other locations where they are released and left to fend for themselves.

Do roundups solve the problem?
No. They may provide a temporary fix, but in the long run roundups just free up prime real estate for more geese to move in to. The best way to solve conflicts with Canada geese is with a multi-pronged plan that humanely reduces the goose population and changes the habitat so it is less attractive to geese."

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