Stop Cebu Pacific from cancelling flights without valid reason

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This airline company, Cebu Pacific, has cancelled my flight twice already. Same route, cancelled twice. Cebu-Coron-Coron-Cebu flight this coming May which I booked 3 months ago. As all of you know, it’s summer, obviously peak-season. When I booked this flight, the cost was just around 1,500 pesos one-way and now if you check it at this time, it goes as high as 10,000 pesos one-way. 

Last February was the first time they cancelled this flight and said, it is due to “network realignment.” My sister, who previously worked in this company, doesn’t even know what that means. So I chose the option to rebook but they only had flights via Manila. The one I booked were direct flights from Cebu to Coron and back which was just an hour flight. Imagine the stress knowing that we have to endure a much longer flight if we had to fly via Manila. We didn’t have a choice and decided to get the shortest flight which is 5 hours. When the rebooking was done, I decided to get flights from Bacolod to Cebu and back (yes, I’m from Bacolod) just so we don’t have to travel so long because we originally wanted to take a land trip from Bacolod to save. And then everything was fine. I even invited my sister to come along and paid for her flight too. 

Then this April 8, I got a text AGAIN that this same flight is cancelled. Again, you can choose to rebook or get a full refund. I checked and flights going back from Coron to Cebu on our chosen date aren’t available anymore. The page shows “either unavailable or sold out.”

Now wouldn’t you wonder why it’s sold out? If the reason is “schedule realignment,” shouldn’t that mean that they just changed the time slots? But why sold out? Wouldn’t you agree it’s pure business? Tricking people into buying cheap flights when you book early and then when the dates get near, and the prices go high, they sell your tickets to those who paid more and then send you an email saying “We regret to inform you that your flight is cancelled. Our apologies for any inconvenience.”

Now speaking of inconvenience, what happens to the Bcd-Cebu return flight I booked for me and my friend if they cancel our flight? What happens to the flight I booked for my sister who I invited to tag along? Not only her Cebu-Coron return flight but also her Bcd-Cebu return flight. Imagine all the money that would be put to waste. 

I am an OFW here in Germany who just wanted to get a nice vacation (this coming April) in places I haven’t been to or have always wanted to go to but couldn’t afford at the time. I am a beach lover and I am sure, those of you who also are, would be so upset if you knew, your dream beach vacation would be cancelled. 

We, OFWs, can only get as much as a month for a vacation to our homeland. We are lucky if we get to go every year but what if not? My point is, I am trying to grab the chance to be able to go while I’m there. I might not be able to go for how many more years, who knows. And then, they cancel my flight as if they don’t give a damn. Just imagine how frustrating trying to save up to go home and then with just one email, they can throw your money away just like that, and profit from it. 

I need your help to end this. If no one steps up, they will do it again and again while we lose our moneys and they get rich. 

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