Hold Michigan Anti Cruelty Society accountable to the rules & regulations of the state


when a pregnant dog enters Michigan Anti Cruelty Society they have 2 choices they follow as policy:

1. Momma dog is NOT adoptable based on BREED, temperament, or medical reasons.
-Momma dog is euthanized

2. Momma dog IS adoptable based on BREED, temperament, & medical reasons.
-Momma dog is given a Cesarean Section and each puppy is removed one by one and immediately euthanized.

Michigan Anti Cruelty Society does not only accept owner surrenders or stray dogs that residents find & BRING TO THEM. They have 2 vans with 2 full time drivers who patrol the streets of Detroit 5 days a week searching for stray dogs to bring to their shelter...

8 out of 10 are killed at the facility.


Michigan Anti Cruelty Society is in violation of state laws & rules governing animal shelters in Michigan... They need to be held accountable. They need to follow the rules like everyone else!

1. Facility has porous concrete floors -told 6 years in a row to correct the issue but hasn't.


2. Taking in stray animals without a signed agreement with the city of Detroit. It has been confirmed that they don't have one & have been ordered to cease taking in strays since May 2016 by Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. They continue to take in strays.


3. Driving around to pick up strays in Detroit is not permitted by any other shelter but Detroit Animal Control according to Polly McKillop of Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. They have 3 vans and employ 2 full time paid drivers to patrol the streets of Detroit for stray dogs.


Call Michigan Department of Agriculture to file a complaint at 800-292-3939

....This is why we protest!
Join us EVERY Wed & Sat noon-4
13569 Joseph Campau Ave, Detroit




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    Dr. Averill

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