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Close school on Wednesday, March 15.

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The snow storm has passed, and the mediocre amount of snow that we have received is expected to begin melting this afternoon. That may sound good, but when snow melts in freezing temperatures, we begin to see ice covered roads and sidewalks. We must take into account all of the student drivers that commute to school who are not as experienced with driving on iced over roads. This can substantially increase the risk of an accident. What also must be considered are all of the students that walk several miles to school, and the students that walk to their bus stops. It is largely possible that these students will encounter ice patches along their way, and this can create a very dangerous situation. Most injuries that occur during the winter are from people slipping and falling on ice. Some possible injuries that can occur are broken tailbones, fractured spinal cords, and concussions. The school parking lots are likely cleared and treated by now, but most neighborhoods likely have not been fully treated which allows for ice to form within those neighborhoods. Cancelling school for Wednesday, March 15 is the only way to ensure the complete safety of students in Montgomery County.

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