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Make Little Debbie change back to "Nutty Bars"

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We now live in an age of confusion and should question life in general. I have spent many years with my favorite snack food companion Little Debbie. So many great memories tied to those delicious little pocket size snacks! One of those memories of even traditions to say, is the moment when someone refers to the always consistent Nutty Bar as a "Nutty Buddy", and you have the power to offer correction to said offender. Tonight, my world came crumbling down when my son grabbed a pack from the box and exclaimed, "I really want a Nutty Buddy". I stopped him and asked him what he called it and went on to inform him of his error. He then turned around and pushed a box in my face that was horrendously labeled "Nutty Buddy". I felt so belittled and stupid as well as eventually angry! This is not the world I have always known. I no longer know what is true or real anymore! I don't even know if my own name is my real name at this point. Am I actually a William or Jim? I don't know. No ones knows. Please give us back our appropriately name peanut butter goodness known as the "Nutty Bar"! I refuse to believe that it will still taste the same under this new preposterous identity! It's an imposter! It laughs in our faces and proclaims that our childhoods never even happened and were nothing more than a dream of some innocent little child in an alternate universe who's parents only allow them to eat carrots. Please make life seem real again! Find it in your hearts to do the right thing here!

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