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Stop torturing hens with Battery Cages

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McDonalds uses eggs that come from tortured hens.

These hens are stuffed into tiny wire cages stacked one on top of the other.

They have no space to spread their wings, perch or dust bathe. They never see sunlight or feel the ground beneath their feet. They live surrounded by excrement and filth.

Because of the stress of confinement they turn to violence and cannibalism. Their beaks are cut off with hot iron rods to prevent them from killing each other.

These hens are called battery cage hens. These hens are tortured, just so that McDonalds can procure eggs cheaply.

McDonalds knows that this is torture. That is why McDonalds has made a commitment to stop using battery cage hens in the US, South Africa and Canada.

Shockingly, McDonalds has not changed its policy in India. Let us show McDonalds that they cannot get away with animal cruelty in India.

I am asking McDonalds to make a commitment to end the use of battery cage eggs in India by 2017. Sign my petition.

If McDonalds commits to using cage-free eggs in India, many battery cage farms will start treating hens better. It will set a strong example for all farms across India.

Sign my petition and help save battery cage hens from a miserable life.

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