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Lower the price of McDonalds hash browns in New Zealand

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Dear Ronald,

We've had some good times over the years... $2 chicken and mayo's, 20 chicken nuggets for $10, $1 hot chocolates and frozen cokes. 

To this day I don't believe anything will beat the $1 cheeseburger deal. 

It's deals like this that give us hope... hope that we might catch a glimpse of the old McDonalds. The McDonalds that cared about our needs on the way home from a big night in town or when we're hungover the next day...

This is more than just a petition to lower the (ridiculously high) price of hash browns, no, it's a petition to bring back the McDonalds we all grew up to know and love. A McDonalds that cares about its customers and stands for those who need them.

For too long prices have soared unjustifiably, so today I implore anyone reading this to take a stand by signing this petition.

How can McDonalds justify charging $2.30 for a hash brown? For fried potato! What's driving the price up Ronald? You cook them just the same as everything else. The people need to know!

If you can sell chicken nuggets for 50c a piece, then you can sell hash browns for the same price! This tomfoolery has gone on too long clown man, and now we won't stop until you charge a reasonable price for hash browns.



Yours sincerely,

The General Public of New Zealand

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