McDonald’s to offer Happy Meal without a (polluting) plastic toy option

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My kids eat healthily regularly but I’m not adverse to buying them a McDonald’s as a treat once or twice a month - they’re ‘loving it’ after all.

However, the initial appeal of the toy for them has become subsidiary and, often, forgotten (without even being looked at) before it, inevitably, ends up in the bin.

I have two environmentally conscious children (aged 5 and 7) and, with the recent focus on the significant negative impact that plastics are having on our world (and this being discussed in school as well as at home), they’ve become more aware of the unnecessary plastics in their day-to-day lives.

A couple of days ago, on a visit to McDonald’s, my son asked for his usual choice of Happy Meal but asked not to have the toy as he wouldn’t play with it and thought it was “too much plastic for the environment”. He preferred extra fries.

I acknowledged his thoughtfulness (my 5yo girl still wanted her toy) and, instead, tried to figure out a way of getting him the same meal for the same price without the toy.

I am certain it must be that 90% or so of these toys end up in the bin within a couple of hours, if not days, and would not be missed.

I do not ask McDonald’s to remove toys from their Happy Meals altogether but do call upon them to offer an option for a Happy Meal to be purchased at the same price, without a toy, with the resulting profit going to environmental causes/charities.