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Stop McDonald's Cruelty Towards Chickens

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     McDonald’s goes to extremes when it comes to the extraction of their meat, housing more than 120,000 birds in a single building allowing each individual chicken a living space about the size of a paper. Prior to being maltreated, the chickens undergo atrocious living conditions such as crowded, windowless sheds and being forced to resonate in their own excrements, filth, and various insects. Because of this, wounds and leg deformities were not rare as there was a lack of adequate consideration of the fowls’ wellbeing. Chickens would also experience frequent cardiac arrest and organ failure due to rapid growth and crippling weight from the excessive hormones they would receive.  In addition to this, the method utilized for breaking the necks of chickens is by standing upon their necks and pulling on their tails subsequent to beating them with a stick. Another technique was to pull the chickens’ spines from the skulls. Once they are beaten with a stick, they are shoved into a bucket dead or alive where they will be prepared for the process of creating the “happy” meals.

    The cruel treatment of Chickens by McDonald's needs to be abolished.  With your help, it is possible to achieve this goal.  Thank you in advance for your support. 

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