Reduce plastic pollution caused by 'single use' McDonald's happy meal meal toys.

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McDonald's distribute millions of plastic toys in their Happy Meals each day, most have limited value in terms of longevity as toys - Most are discarded within hours of purchase and contribute to the deviating effects throw away plastics are having on our environment.

What was the last happy meal toy you were given? Do your children still play with it? Did they want it in the first place? 

McDonald's have a robust environmental policy and say that they 'want the best for the environment.' And are willing to 'use [their] scale and people, to influence and drive change.' They propose to do this 'By rethinking, reducing and recycling'

To my mind the 'big progress [McDonald's have made] so far' has been nothing more than cost savings (reducing plastic straws and the condiments they give out) veiled in a thin green fog.

If they won't ban the 'toys' then at least give children the choice of whether they want the product by briefly explaining the environmental impact of plastic waste on our planet at the point of sale. 

Big business should be held accountable for the environmental devastation they are causing and not just play economically-benificial lip service to their own environment policy.... We're not Loving It!