Make the Rush Green roundabout safe again

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Those of you that live or work in Hertford and have the pleasure of using Rush green roundabout know exactly how dangerous the roundabout has become since McDonalds have opened their doors there. I myself have had a few near misses trying to just get round the roundabout.

I truly believe that something must be done and fast to prevent a major accident or even a fatality happening due to the way the traffic builds up and the lack of control provided by McDonald’s.
Hertford is known for its traffic jams at rush hour but the traffic McDonald’s cause is so dangerous.
I have been in touch with East Herts council and also Herts Highways and both of them have said this is McDonald’s problem, so with that information I contacted McDonald’s myself and asked what they are doing to improve this situation. I was told that they are in discussions with East Herts council and at times when the traffic is at its worse the police have also had to help them control the dangerous queues.
I was shocked to learn that at a time when our emergency services are being pushed to braking point that McDonald’s are using emergency resources to control the entrance to their restaurant.
My family and friends use this roundabout on a regular basis and I would like to make this a saver journey for them and for you.
My advice from McDonald’s is to compose a letter to them expressing my concerns and I feel that with a petition attach they will hopefully take my concerns more seriously with the backing of you good folks.