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Get McDonalds to do a vegetarian Happy Meal

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I have been a vegetarian for 17 years now and McDonald’s have always had limited options for vegetarians. However it wasn’t until now that I want to try and change that. On Boxing Day my 9 year old daughter asked if she could try being a vegetarian. I told her that it isn’t easy but if she would like to try then she can, she tried when she was 7 years old and after a few hours gave it up and ate chicken so I actually thought the same would happen haha. Well I was wrong, it is now Friday 9th February and she has done so well. I have never tried to get my children to become vegetarians like me in any way as I felt it was their decision to make.

The only thing she is finding hard is the treat of a McDonalds. She has tried the vegetarian burgers but she does not like them, so can only have salad and fries. I have never understood why they don’t have a vegetarian Happy Meal but even more so now. So I would love them to start selling Quorn nuggets (not the ones with vegetables in) as I am sure there are a lot more children that are vegetarians.

The fish fingers Happy Meal is not suitable for vegetarians. A pescatarian eats fish but a vegetarian or a vegan would never eat fish.

The vegetarian nuggets that I am petitioning for are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Please could you sign the petition so that McDonalds support vegetarian children.

Thank you.

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