Bring the Crispy McBacon to McDonald's UK

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The world is facing enormous disadvantages. One of the main issues concerning the everyday life of people living in the United Kingdom is the unforgivable and unjustified absence of the beloved and globally appreciated, Crispy McBacon™.

This burger was introduced at the beginning of the century in all Italian McDonald's, and the Italian community has never been more delighted. This is how McDonald's describes the burger on the Italian website: "100% beef, two slices of bacon, served with our delicious bacon sauce and thready cheese. You don't need anything else to crown the crispy mcbacon king of crispiness and tastiness. A classic that will never fade" (McDonald's, 2018).

With this petition, we hope to get McDonald's to add this burger to the UK menu. We are calling for everyone that has enjoyed the delicious taste of the Crispy McBacon™ before, and for all the others that we believe should have the chance to enjoy it. 



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