Portland Must Stand Up to Predators

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The opioid epidemic and over-tolerant city policing policies have enabled a whole new population of grifters and predators to insinuate themselves amongst Portland's homeless. They prowl our streets and neighborhoods, break into our homes and cars, assault us on the streets, lurk in our backyards, prey upon anyone they can, defecate on the sidewalks, shoot up on the street or in Starbucks bathrooms and harass local businesses and their customers.

It's time for the Portland's leaders to step up and protect both the homed and the homeless, and get these predators out of our neighborhoods and into jails where they belong.

Portland residents demand that the city:

 •             Hire more police and bolster their Neighborhood Response Teams.

•             Aggressively enforce and prosecute “livability” crimes.

•             Remove all tent encampments from residential neighborhoods.

•             Enforce loitering-free safe zones around local businesses.

•             Increase funding for both homeless services and neighborhood safety.

Please add your voice to those of your neighbors – both homed and homeless -- by signing below: