Stop resort municipality of Whistler from cutting down Ash trees

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It is of sad news we have killed another bear and left 3 orphaned cubs who will not likely make it through the winter. The bears were feeding on ash trees in the resort municipality of Whistler and Conservation had decided to relocate them. Upon tranquilizing the momma, the bear did what’s natural and climbed a tree out of fear and searching for safety. Upon climbing the tree she fell asleep due to the tranquilizer and fell to her death. So very sad! However in an outrageous effort to prevent this from happening again, conservation and the municipality has decided to get rid of the ash trees in hopes it will prevent the bears from coming back. Ash are one of the few natural food sources for bears that remain. We have decimated most of the bears natural diet and they are desperate looking for food. To cut down another one of their natural food sources would be horrendous and extremely unlogical. You cannot train a bear not to eat! If we get rid of their natural food then we are gonna create a further problem. Bears looking for food! We do not have a bear problem, we have a problem with humans living in bear territory!