Keep hot cars pet free

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Let's keep our fur babies out of our hot cars! Let's help those who can't speak for themselves and make it illegal, to keep your pet in a vehicle unattended with no windows rolled down, in Calgary Alberta Canada. I recently encountered a situation where I pulled up to a bar for dinner to notice a vehicle parked in front of this bar with a dog locked inside with no air flow, all the windows were up. There was also a heat warning in effect for this day  (Exceeding +30 degrees Celsius). This prompted me to call the police as I thought it was already a crime. It's NOT! The dispatcher on the phone sounded confused as to why I would even be calling about a situation like this, informing me its not a crime.

Well, let's make it a crime! Please leave your pet at home when running errands, going to dinner, or anything else that requires you to leave your vehicle. As an owner myself, I would not like to see this happen to any other pets! LET'S START WITH CALGARY AND GROW THROUGH THE COUNTRY! PLEASE HELP OUR PETS.