Help Save Central Florida Archery

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Central Florida Archery has been a staple in the archery community for 7 long years. In an industry that sees failing businesses, it is easy to understand why Central Florida Archery has prospered. Plain and simple it is Hendrick Gouws and his staff. Their love and passion for archery comes through first ajd foremost every single day and with every interaction. 

In a time when kids refuse to go outside or are stuck behind a screen, Coach Gouws offered a beautiful and safe place for young people to fall in love with a sport and be outdoors to socialize and interact with fellow archers.

Central Florida Archery feels more like a family backyard than an archery business. So many spend countless hours there honing a craft and building lasting friendships. This is truly a gem in the rough and deserves to be allowes to operate for the betterment of the community.

Coach Gouws has invested in the community and selflessly sponsors local school archery teams to promote the sport and the growth of the kids involved. He offers expert coaching in a safe and secure environment. 

There are very few archery ranges left open and to close this one because of a zoning law is a true tragedy. We need more places like this that promote friendship and teach and art and craft to the youth of our communities. The skills archery teaches you go far beyond hitting a target with an arrow. Skill, concentration, patience, and perseverance just to name a few. 

Please sign this petition in the hopes that the current Mayor and Mayor-Elect see just how passionate we all are about this amazing Orange County archery range and the team that run it.