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Swans of lake Puskas, Draz die of starvation whilst city hall pockets there food money

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There is a colony of migrating swans on lake Puskas, Draz in Croatia right now that are dying the most awful death thanks to City Hall failing to spend the allocated monies on food that these poor birds need to survive the harshest of winters. Instead of caring for the wildlife Mayor Sipan Šaslin and other city hall officials sit back whilst dozens of these beautiful birds are dying every day from starvation. 

The lake is frozen over disabling the swans and other wildlife to get to the plant life etc below its surface. There is a budget at cityhall where food is means to be bought, however it appears this is not being spent on the swans, instead impoverished and kind hearted locals are desperately battling to save them by giving them what food they can spare.

This is an outrage, these are protected birds and are being allowed to die a slow and horrific death despite there being funds in city halls pit to feed them!

We the undersigned stand with Action Aid for Animals and do demand that immediately food is bought with the funds set aside for these birds and distributed each day to enable them to survive the harsh winter conditions.

Swans are  protected species in Croatia, we the European community expect the mayor and city hall to do what they are meant to do...and Care for, feed those birds as they should be.


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