Investigation into kcpl and their business practices and fixing budget billing plans.

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We the undersigned residents of the state of Missouri, customers of Kansas City Power and Light (KCPL), present this petition regarding concerns over unfair billing practices and unanswered questions by KCPL. We are petitioning for an audit of KCPL’s billing practices, meter calibration and reading practices, consistency in billing between customers, and history of maintenance and upgrades to their existing infrastructure. Further, we petition for rate decreases, and the option for reasonable monthly payment arrangements for delinquent accounts.
First, customer bills are much higher than normal and have been since KCPL merged with Westar Energy. Bills are routinely doubling and tripling over this same time last year, despite similarities in weather.
KCPL is now billing customers every 21 days instead of on a monthly basis. Customers had bills due both August 2, 2018 and August 30, 2018.
Level pay has been discontinued for numerous customers, sometimes with no reason given. For other customers, the level pay amount has been increased by as much as 100% - not feasible for many on fixed incomes, and far beyond the “up to 10%” figure given by KCPL.
For customers who are late with payments, the late fee charged by KCPL is highly variable, from a few cents to several hundred dollars, with no rationale given when requested.
Customers are no longer able to make reasonable payment arrangements for delinquent bills, and instead are required to produce up to half of the amount owed every two weeks. This is an unfair burden on us as citizens of Missouri and customers of KCPL. KCPL is not showing good stewardship of the responsibility for powering communities in the State of Missouri.