Fight the Charter School Relocaton & Preserve Betti Stradling Park & Our Green Spaces

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The City of Coral Springs, Florida is proposing to relocate the Coral Springs Charter School to the serene, green space of Betti Stradling Park. The proposed multi-story structure and its multi-story parking garage will house 2200 students grades 6-12 and will take up a major portion of the park, using taxpayer dollars and limiting public access.  This major construction project will take months to complete and bring noise and traffic (especially with Coral Springs Middle School being directly across the street) to an uncomfortable level and change our quiet neighborhood forever.   The city has other location possibilities to put this for-profit public school that would have less negative impact on our community.  In addition to signing this petition, we urge you to make your position known to our Mayor, Vice Mayor and Commissioners by attending the community meeting at the Coral Springs Charter School auditorium on August 3rd, 2017 at 6 pm.  Thank you.

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