King Street Compromise - "7-7-7 One Year Pilot"

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For decades King Street has been the cultural hub of the Toronto city core. Globally recognized as the Entertainment District, it is home to theatres, symphonies, live entertainment, concert halls, festivals and Toronto's culinary mecca.  

The King Street Pilot Project has had a dismal impact on local businesses. Seventeen restaurants have closed and three more are scheduled to close at the end of the summer. We are trying to preserve the vitality of the entertainment district, protect our livelihoods and our employees.  We believe the following recommendations will bring people, business, and vitality back to the area. 

We understand the importance of transit and moving people throughout the city. We believe the Pilot, with modifications can be successful for all Torontonians, tourists, and businesses.  

We have made our recommendations clear in several forums, including meeting with the Mayor's office.  We are asking for a one year '7-7-7 Pilot'.

1.  We recommend opening up the street, giving cars unrestricted access from 7pm to 7 am 7 days a week.

2. Allow Taxis, Uber and Lyft to be considered part of the public transit infrastructure and allow taxis to move without the right hand turn restriction  (with no time restrictions). This would also support the need for greater accessibility for all individuals  

3.  Implement high visibility, electronic signage for clear communication of the restrictions and easy to understand change from restricted to unrestricted right hand turns and taxi exemption

4.  Promotional events and festivals for the area to revive businesses and promote King Street as a culinary hub.  

We ask that you please sign our petition so our recommendations can be added to the City councillors report and brought to the attention of the executive committee council meeting on April 9th, 2019.

Please make sure you follow all the steps to sign, including checking for a confirmation email.  Multiple signatures from the same IP address will not be counted. If different members of the same household wish to sign, please use separate devices.  

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