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Ban on throwing organic waste in the trash in toronto

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Food waste is a serious issue in North America, and increasingly around. The average Canadian household throws away nearly a third of the food they buy for a variety of reasons:

  • they bought more than they need
  • they don’t know how to preserve foods to prevent spoilage
  • they are overly cautious and dispose of safe foods that appear past their prime.

Food is not only wasted at the household level but all along the supply chain as well. From imperfect fruits and vegetables being left to rot in fields to grocery stores ordering more than they expect to sell just so customers don’t see empty shelves.

This food mismanagement wastes the resources that go into growing and transporting food, stresses the environment, and perpetuates hunger.

Many companies exist to fight this epidemic in other ways as well. For instance, Second Harvest, which provides hunger programs with surplus produce from grocery stores, or Not Far From the Tree, which picks and distributes unwanted residential fruit.

Currently, Ontarians generate 3.7 million tonnes of organic waste per year, and greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector, mostly organics in the landfill, account for six percent of the province's total emissions. And more than half of the organic waste in landfills are from households, so a ban on such activities can make us think twice before we dispose of our organic waste in the trash.

In Ontario alone, we generate 12 million tonnes of waste a year, more than 850 kilograms per person and only recycle about 25% of that amount. And if desperate improvements aren't made, our landfills might run out of capacity in the next 20 years!

By signing this petition, you will help fight against greedy companies that do not value the hard work and effort that is drained into producing our food and help better our environment.

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