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Retract the "leash law" in Golden Meadow, Louisiana

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As a lifelong citizen of Golden Meadow, Louisiana, I have always been aware of the town's "leash law." To my knowledge, they were always pretty lenient with it... Until recently. All of a sudden, the neighbors of close friends and family have decided to cause trouble out of the blue. They are making up lies, setting traps with bait to lure their cats, and making their well loved and taken care of, rescued stray and feral cats disappear.  It wasn't until a few months ago that I found out that a neighbor of someone I am very close to was trapping and disposing of cats that I helped rescue and socialize. Being an animal lover/rescuer/activist, it completely breaks my heart. This week, the same thing happened to another person I am close to, except there's actual evidence that her cat was trapped, picked up, and undocumented. There is also a photograph of this cat stuck in the trap with another rescue checking on her. This cat was never taken to the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter in Thibodaux where strays are supposed to be taken after being picked up, or given the opportunity to pay the fee to go pick her up and bring her back home. She was not even picked up by Animal Control officers. Protocol was broken. No one knows EXACTLY what happened to the cat, except for those who were sent to pick her up, but, by putting together the pieces that are there, it's safe to say that this beloved pet is gone. I'm both saddened and outraged that neighbors are being allowed to determine whether our pets (that are not causing them any problems) live or die. Cats roam naturally. It's wrong to have to keep any animal caged or stuck on a leash, but especially animals that have tasted freedom and it's all they know. Freedom to go inside and outside as they wish. Freedom to roam and to just be cats. These cats are fixed, which means population control for those who aren't crazy about cats, and they are also vaccinated and healthy. The people that are being negatively affected by this are responsible and loving pet owners working toward the greater good of the community. This problem is all being caused by the leash law that the Town of Golden Meadow has had in place for at least the last two decades (the majority of my life.) Stray animals have always been a fact of life. It never mattered who's animals were in our yards growing up, bothering OUR pets... we ALWAYS acknowledged that those were SOMEONE'S pets and would most likely be missed terribly if something were to happen to them.What ever happened to being kind to your neighbor that never gave you any reason to be unkind to them, their children, or their pets? Whatever happened to having peaceful, civilized conversations to come to an agreement or solution with your neighbors if something truly bothered you? Please sign this petition and help speak for the animals that cannot speak for themselves and stop the cruelty. Thank you. 

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