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Coral Gables Public Safety Building needs to be discussed at PUBLIC MEETING

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Local News outlets have reported that the top officials of the Coral Gables Police and Fire Departments have been excluded from participating in the planning of the new Public Safety Building. It was also noted that both Unions have been kept in the dark.

We believe it is essential for those who will be using the building to be part of the process. Their success and well being ultimately will translate in saving lives.

Please sign this petition requesting that Mayor Raul Valdes Fauli and Commissioners Patricia Keon, Vince Lago, Michael Mena, and Frank Quesada place this item on the February 13, 2018 Agenda, with a time certain of 5:00 p.m.

These are some of the questions that the community deserves to be heard on and answered:

  1. Why were the Chiefs of Police and Fire originally excluded from the planning process?
  2. Why were the Union representatives excluded?
  3. Why does the new building have less bays?
  4. Why do we need a full floor designed as a regional training police facility?
  5. Why is the Police Chief not listed as Head of the Agency for FDLE?
  6. Why was the present building allowed to become dilapidated?
  7. Why was the Riviera Fire Station allowed to become so dilapidated that firefighters have to live in trailers?
  8. Why is the proposed building smaller than the present one with no accounting for future growth?
  9. Who proposed the "sweetheart deal" with Codina that ultimately will become prohibitive? 
  10. Why was everything kept so secret that  even  those severely impacted were kept from seeing the plans?







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