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- Mission Sports Park - No High Mast Cell Tower Allowed !

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Watch this short video. Measuring radiation outside this home in Mission .

"Don't worry it's safe."  That's what they say.  Although Health Canada says safety limits are based on ongoing scientific studies.  The W.H.O says there are gaps in knowledge that need to be filled before better health risk assements can be made.

Do you want your children to take part in this 'Living Lab'?  I don't.

Many things have been deemed safe in the past only over time to be discovered harmful to your health. Do you want to put in the time to find out in the long run? I don't. 

Have they done studies yet on young children standing for hours under a cell tower?  Holding metal bats? Sitting on Metal bleachers? 

Parents sign their kids up for sport to keep them healthy, happy and off devices away from the constant onslaught of this high tech world. The sports park is one of the few places kids can be kids. We are responsible for our children's safety. We buy all the safety gear, helmets, shin pads...there is nothing we can do to protect them from the unknown  dangers this cell tower  will emit.  Children spend 5 days a week at this park. Hours at a time. It is the Mayor and Councillors responsibility to look out for the health and well being of all it citizens. 

Parents will think twice about signing their children up for sports in this park.  

**Safety Code 6 is the guidelines set out by Health Canada. SC 6 was started in the 70’s and was intended to protect military personnel from the heating of tissues over a 6 minute period and not to protect us from radiation that we are exposed to continuously for hours every day.
- SC 6 current studies (tons of studies showing radiation is dangerous to living cells), but Health Canada has admitted under Oath that studies show that there is harm within the levels established as ’safe’ by SC6. These recommendations were made in 2015, and were never done.

check out this video of a home in Mission.

Why would you even consider putting this tower where such a high concentration of children spend their time every evening and weekend? Is it for the money? Or this is the best place for Freedom Mobile so they can get more customers and make more money?

Money, or your community's health, happiness and confidence knowing the Mayor and Councillors have our best interests at heart? 

 Freedom Mobility wants to put a High Mast Cell tower in the Mission Sports Park. Other company's will also want to attach their antennas, the new 5G micro cell technology is on its way.   

This will impact the local residence and people who come into Mission to use the Sports Park.  Mayor and Councillors I ask you to find a more suitable location for this cell tower.  

  Please find a more suitable location for the high mast cell tower proposed by Freedom Mobility.

Tell industry Canada we won't put this cell tower in our Mission Sports Park. 

'Don't worry,it's safe!'  Anyone with common sense knows better than to hangout under a cell tower for hours.  The laws and regulations are outdated and can't keep up with this ever changing technology. It's big business taking advantage of a small town and the outdated regulations. 


P.S. Will bring down property values in the area.   

Cell towers can't be disguised as trees ( or mascara wands?) 

Please Sign and Share ASAP.  

Email: to make sure your voice is heard. 


✔️Attend the meeting ( short notice ) March 16 th 5:30 to 7 pm at the Best Western 32281 Lougheed Hwy 

Tell Industry Canada, Freedom Mobile and the Mayor and Councillors the MissionSports Park is off limits! 

*Cell towers belong in industrial areas away from homes and parks.  

*The District of Mission needs to change its siting policies regarding where these highmast cell towers can be erected. 

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