Protect Albert Ruttle Wetlands Reserve for the Environment and the People #SaveOurReserve

Protect Albert Ruttle Wetlands Reserve for the Environment and the People #SaveOurReserve

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The Albert Ruttle Wetlands Reserve is in the western corner of the beautiful coastal town of Inverloch, Victoria, Australia. This is one of the few remaining natural bush wetlands reserves left in the Inverloch area. The Wetland Reserve is full of significant flora and fauna.  Until recently the Reserve was open to the public as a dedicated, common wetland reserve. It is now under threat of private sale and housing development. This land should remain open-access as a dedicated wetlands reserve for the local community, residents of Victoria and visitors.

The issue – On November 2, 1992 the Victorian Planning Panel supported a proposal to develop the farming land at the west end of Inverloch town as housing lots. Planning controls were placed on the land to make sure that a wetlands reserve was developed and protected as common property. The Wetlands Reserve was an open space contribution made by the developer to the community as part of the planning process.

What became known as the “Albert Ruttle Wetland Reserve” has a quarry which was used to source water for Inverloch town, an extensive wetlands area with vibrant birdlife, a large dam often used for swimming, and natural bushland full of kangaroos, wombats, echidnas and flora unique to the coastal landscape. There are a number of majestic remnant trees on the Reserve.  The Reserve is popular with local residents including bird watchers and walkers.

Our concerns –

This designated common, open space will no longer be available to the people of Inverloch, or visitors to the area

Native animals will be negatively impacted by loss of habitat

The unique nature of the wetlands reserve flora will be lost or depleted

The loss of this Reserve adds to the incremental and irresponsible development of sensitive coastal areas

The sale and/or construction of houses on the wetland reserve blocks appears to contradict the requirements of Open Space Contributions

The sale of this land as housing lots contravenes the Planning Permit 2002 (02687) which approved the subdivision of the farming land into 30 allotments.  The subdivision is currently made up of 30 lots NOT including the Ruttle “Wetland Reserve”.

Public Access signage has been removed which indicated a public path through the reserve (breaching a condition in #173 permit agreement)

Lack of transparency from Bass Coast Council – information regarding the Planning Permit documentation including the endorsed plan and the open space contribution details has not been made available to concerned residents.

We need your help to keep this Wetlands Reserve for all –

Please sign our petition to the Mayor and Executives of Bass Coast Council to keep this common space for the people, and maintain a place of significant biodiversity for future generations.

Mayor Pamela Rothfield -

Allison Jones, General Manager, Advocacy, Character and Economy –

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