Pisa A man sentenced for stalking now at the Department of Culture. We want him to resign!

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We all, women and men, are outraged by the choice of Andrea Buscemi as coucillor responsible for the Department of Culture. The city of Pisa doesn’t deserve it!

The above-mentioned man has been found guilty of the crime of stalking according to the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Florence, passed on May 30th 2017. This sentence “condemns him to pay compensation for damages in favour of the civil party“ and in addition “to repay the civil party for her own defense expences”. That is all the costs of the first trial and of the Court of Appeal‘s one.

In the judgement delivered by the Court of Appeal of Florence, the facts that have got the judge to issue the sentencing are described in detail: physical violence, stakeouts, persistent phonecalls, blackmail, pressurizing, threats and physical violence towards the victims (they are more than one) and towards the witnesses. Plenty of witness and documentary evidence provide proof of the serious acts of violence protracted for over 15 years against his former partners and clearly disclose the aggressive and manipulative behaviour of the individual.

Against the politician have also been issued precautionary measures that forbid him to approach two witnesses. Indeed, in the sentence of the Appeal Court it is reported verbatim: “Preliminary hearings have brought out repeated persecutory acts carried out by the defendant“ and again “in the course of criminal proceedings the defendant has been guilty of conducts of threats against two witnesses to induce them not to testify, as a result of which the judge for preliminary investigations has issued a ban on approaching the above-mentioned witnesses in relation to the criminal offenses referred to in Articles 377 and 610 of the Penal Code“.

The Mayor as the first citizen of our city of Pisa cannot ignore these behaviours that involve a candidate of his electoral list, so as they have been very well described in the judiciary acts.

If he does that, his credibility is failing. If he does that, he admits an abusive man to an institutional role and through this action he legitimatizes violence itself at the institutional level.

Pisa is a city ​​with deeply rooted cultural traditions and with a visibility of international range. We want politicians to reflect the ethycal qualities of the citizens they represent and to be able to enhance the cultural resourses of our territory.

By signing this petition - and spreading it as much as possible – we want our voice to be loudly heard by the Mayor of Pisa, Michele Conti, so that Andrea Buscemi cannot any longer sit on the City Council and hold a public office, because his sentence would adversely affect the image of the city and the one of all women and men citizens of Pisa.