Raise awareness of the condition of 150 dogs dumped in Loutraki landfill

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In Loutraki landfill,there are approximately 150 stray dogs,most of which suffer from mange( animal: skin disease ),others from erlichia, sexually transmitted diseases and leishmaniasis. The Municipality of Loutraki is uninterested in the well-being of the animals in need in their region and no measures have been taken so that the situation is alleviated. Our REQUEST towards the municipality of Loutraki is to take on their responsibilities,to be more specific : dogs must be captured and neutered, treated for diseases and skin conditions they face. Moreover, food must be provided to the dogs since a lot of them are starving to death. Last but not least, proper accommodation  should be made available for the dogs.

The few volunteers that are trying to make things better for the poor dogs are unable to make ends meet and cater for the dogs unless as we have already  mentioned help is provided by the municipality of Loutraki who must take the steps needed to combat the problem.

Catherine Stratigaki

Afroditi Tsoukala

Evaggelia Papakonstantinou