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Uphold the Uber Ban in London

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On 22nd September TfL took the bold step to protect and support communities in London by banning Uber. This petition is for upholding that ban.

The Situation

Uber is an inherently divisive, exploitative, and dangerous multi-national corporation, backed by billions of dollars, with an unsustainable business model designed to parachute into, rip apart and divide local communities, in the sole pursuit of profit.

Cities around the world, from East Asia, to Europe, to the US, are taking a stand and banning them. The stories of real local people suffering as a consequence of Uber, are well publicized. See for one such response to the ban, from an Uber driver. The TfL ruling is a local authority taking a stand against this, and should be applauded.

Uber's Petition

In response to the ruling Uber has created a petition to give a veneer of popular legitimacy to their appeal. They have instigated and propagated this petition. Uber has pulled this propaganda tactic in cities all around the world. In their petition they highlight that 40,000 workers (a very dubious figure) could be made unemployed, and yet refuse to admit that they are an employer - highlighting the precarious position that they have put these workers in. Those 40,000 people (likely to be part-time at most) are driven to rely on Uber even as it undercuts them. Uber secondly highlights consumer choice. There are a multitude of app and phone based private hire booking services that can put consumers in touch with real local licensed drivers. Consumers are not being given a fair informed choice at the same time as suffering themselves from precarious employment. The arguments against the ban are duplicitous and exploit all of our daily struggles. Uber is using us and dividing us and we must take a stand as workers, consumers, and as a community.

Please sign this petition asking to Uphold the Ban to defend not only the livelihoods of 40,000 people, but all 7 million Londoners, and send a message to Uber world-wide. #banuber

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