Stop Cosmetic Spraying of Pesticides In Calgary

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I am working towards encouraging Calgary home owner to make an effort to stop the decline of the bee population.

The biggest contributing factors to the decline of bees are pesticide use and habitat loss. Without pollinators, especially bees, our planet will greatly suffer and significantly impact our lives negatively.  Bees help support our wildlife and parks through pollination. The pollination of plants helps the reproduction of those plants as well as the wildlife that depend on them for habitat or food. The decline of bees will result in the suffering of our parks and therefore our city. The city sprays carefully chosen pesticides and herbicides to control weeds and unwanted pests, but there is also additional spraying for purely cosmetic purposes, and this needs to be reduced to protect our pollinators.

We need to all make an effort to protect our pollinators as they work so hard to provide us with food and support us as well as our wildlife. Our pollinators overall give us so much and if we all take a small action such as signing this petition, it will make a difference and give back to our beautiful pollinators.