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Ban the sale of real fur and seriously investigate the fur trade !

I am speaking to all young people out there to make a difference and to stop an industry that is brutal, greedy and OUTDATED! At this day and age where we all know better.....( if one has even the most basic education),
to still wear fur or fur trim from animals KILLED in the most cruel ways for FASHION, is a crime against a better future for all of us on this planet! I would like our Mayor to speak out about it and give a real good tax break to the businesses that support this very issue. Tell all:
Tell the designers using fur, to stop doing so or you will not buy their designs, but instead support the young designers that are environmentally smart and new with your future in mind.!

The future of fashion is with the trend to sustainability! Luxury shown as it is pictured in the magazines does not feel right anymore in these troubled times! I believe people like to do good and do the right thing, but we all need guidance which our icons, media and leaders, that have the power to put us in a new direction, can accomplish. Let us start a new trend and make it happen with our purchases!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Ronald L. Frasch, President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Saks Inc.
    Fashion designers that use real fur!
  • Mr. Stephen l. Sadove, Chairman and CEO at Saks Inc.
    Stores that sell fur!
  • The Mayor of NYC
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC!

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