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Continue the occupancy ordinance in its current form

In 2014, the City Council fixed a very serious problem for our urban neighborhoods by voting  6-1 to reduce occupancy limits in the city’s McMansion area. In 2016, a new City Council voted 9-1-1 to continue it. The occupancy ordinance works — In 2014, the Northfield neighborhood had suffered over 100 demolitions of older, moderately priced houses replaced with dorm-style duplexes. Today, those demolitions have practically ceased.

Moderately priced housing is being saved under the current ordinance because economic incentives to demolish older, more affordable housing and replace it with high occupancy duplexes have been reduced.

Please sign this petition telling our city officials to continue the occupancy ordinance in its current form.

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  • City of Austin public officials responsible for the rewrite of the Land Development Code

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