London: Change the Animal Control By-Law (PH-3) to ban mobile zoos, zoos and circuses

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As the City of London is moving forward in its goal to become a progressive and leading city, there is no need for circuses, zoos or mobile live animal programs to be permitted within city boundaries. It is immoral and unethical to restrain and parade inherently wild animals for human pleasure. The following issues merit consideration when examining this outdated and cruel By-Law.

Enforcement:  London Animal Care Center does not have the facility or the staff to handle increased claims, housing or veterinary care for large mammals and exotic species.

Well Being:  There are adequate concerns regarding the health and well being of exotic species kept in mobile live animal programs with no onus on these proprietors to provide proof of care.

Education:  Multiple studies show that there is no educational benefit to circuses, zoos or mobile live animal programs, in fact there are studies showing the opposite is true.

Public health:  The Ontario Ministry of Health warns against handling live reptiles and/or amphibians due to risk of zoonoses.

Municipal Act: Changes to the municipal act now allow Cities within Ontario to set their own animal by-laws in accordance with their priorities for health and safety, public nuisance, public health and animal health and well being.

We the undersigned, call on the Council of the City of London to change the Animal Control By-Law to ban the above mentioned operations.