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Allowing motorcycles to park at an angle in Boston

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Several of us were recently ticketed for parking our motorcycles at an angle to the curb. Typically motorcyclists are taught to park at an angle to the curb in order to ensure the motorcycle is stable and to take up less room. I was taught this during motorcycle safety school and was instructed by a state trooper from the motorcycle division to park like this. Motorcycles have to lean because they have a kickstand like a pedal bike. Also, streets slope down because of the sewerage system, so motorcycles either lean too much or not enough when perfectly parallel to the curb, depending on the side of the street they are parked. When we park our motorcycles, the rear tire is against the curb and the front tire is no more than a few feet from the curb. The profile is significantly smaller than a car. Even if the motorcycle was parked at a right angle to the curb it would still be closer to the curb than a car. By parking like this, several motorcycles can take up the space of one car, while being closer to the curb than a car. If we were to park in a straight line (there are many motorcycles in the neighborhood and they all have tickets for this violation) it would take up most of the street, instead of a couple spaces. Parking at a slight angle ensures residents have more parking available and the businesses/restaurants have more parking for their customers. I grew up in the area, and have been an active motorcyclist my entire life. This the first time I've ever been ticketed for parking the way we have all been taught, and the way the Boston police park their motorcycles. Also, all of the motorcycle parking spaces in Boston, which the mayor has endorsed, park at an angle to the curb. Overall, we take up less room and can do so safely and economically when parking at an angle to the curb, while extending less far into the street than a car. Thank you

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