Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in Boston

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Carriage horses were once necessary for people to be mobile in society. Currently they are used for, among other things, weddings and city tours. Now that people have other forms of transportation, the historical tradition of carriage horses does not outweigh the suffering imposed on the animals.

Urban-like conditions are dangerous and are not humane and proper environments for carriage horses. The animals often develop lameness from walking on hard surfaces, such as asphalt. They are subject to developing respiratory ailments from breathing in exhaust fumes and air pollution. Animals have collapsed from heatstroke and suffered irreparable harm or have died from weather extremes.

In especially busy settings, the animals must dodge motor vehicle traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Horses operate on a keen flight response. As such, these animals are easily startled and may run wild. There are recorded instances in which horses have injured humans or have been hit by motor vehicle operators.

Because it is not cost-effective to keep animals who can no longer physically provide carriage horse rides, the animals who survive the practice may be sent to slaughter.

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