Sunshine Coast Regional Council, ban the use of 1080 poisoning for pest control.

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Sunshine Coast Council use the deadly poison 1080 to ‘control’ feral animals, mainly dogs and foxes. This toxin is banned everywhere apart from Australia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and New Zealand.

If domestic animals take the bait they will die. It’s a painful, prolonged death. There is no known antidote.

If wildlife eats a carcass of an animal which has taken bait, it will die too. 

The bait can be taken by ANY hungry animal, bird or reptile - it doesn’t discriminate. It kills. Slowly and very, very painfully. 

Why don’t other countries in the world use it? Because it is super toxic and can have devastating and catastrophic effects on unintended targets.

On Councils’ website, they say the reason for the baiting is “in response to community requests for assistance to manage wild dogs on their property. The baiting program uses the pesticide 1080 (Sodium fluoroacetate). Baiting is only conducted on land that is owned by residents who have agreed to be part of the baiting program.”

Send our Mayor a message objecting to the use of 1080. There are numerous other control methods available that are significantly safer, these include humane trapping and shooting.

Let our Council know what you think. Don’t allow this deadly poison to go unnoticed. It has no place in our community.