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Forensic Audit of ACCT Philly plus Financial Accountability

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We demand a complete forensic audit of ACCT of Philladelphia (ACCT Philly) the past three years. We believe that funds have been mismanaged in various ways by Vincent Medley. This includes taking actions such as overpaying employees he has hired and other unnecessary expenses that would be better spent toward the care of animals in their control.

The last 990 form released by ACCT is for the fiscal year ending 6/30/2015. They have not released the one submitted last year which was the first full year Mr. Medley was in control of ACCT’s finances. Nor does this form release the salaries of the executive staff as it should (and is done with other city officials).

Furthermore, ACCT has not published any figures on a regular basis on what money it has received from donations, adoption fees, licenses or surrender fees.

We would also like an accounting of what has been done with the enormous PETCO grant given in 2014 for the building of an adoption center. This center was supposed to begin in 2016. ACCT has been very silent on these funds. We would like a complete accounting of these funds and how any interest generated from them have been used.

We would also like to know what happened to the money for the dog kennels that the staff said would be replaced after the air conditioning was fixed. According to the last 990 released, only $793,896 of a $4,673,362 was being used toward animal care supplies. We demand to know the breakdown how the majority of the money is being used.

We would also know the future plans of ACCT’s funding by seeing the budget they have for 2018 as well as the budget for 2017 and how well they planned. Part of this would include ACCT publishing ALL minutes of the board meetings for the past year and allowing the public to attend all portions of the board meetings.

We have noticed that they appear to be canceling the public "board meetings." Although since only a couple board members were in attendance, they weren't board meetings at all. Instead of the transparancy they are promoting as a "core value" they seem to be covering things up. 

To summarize we are asking for:

  1. A forensic audit of the past three years.
  2.  An accounting the PETCO adoption center grant and any other large grants given recently.
  3. A breakdown of how the money is being spent including the salaries of key staff members (as done for city employees).
  4. Publishing of funds brought into ACCT through fees and donations.
  5. Copies of past and future budgets.
  6. Public allowed at all board meeting and publishing the minutes of all 2017 board meetings. 

And based on this petition's updates, we also want:
        7.  An explanation on why Vector Control hasn't been moved out of the building
        8. An investigation into pay equality at ACCT and possible discrimination.

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