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Providence is a city built on shared vision. Its historic cityscape is the result of endless collaboration between city leaders and its residents, who want what’s best for their communities. In working together, officials and residents have helped establish the future for their city through careful, conscientious development. The end goal has always been clear: Move the city forward, but be mindful of its character and the wishes of the residents who live and work there.

But a threat to that goal looms large. A proposal making its way through the city’s legal channels would ignore the years of hard work and public input that created the city plan and zoning ordinance. It would ignore the character of the city’s waterfront. It would ignore the availability of other, more suitable sites. And it would ignore the publicly expressed wishes of the majority of city residents who have already spoken out against it.

The proposal currently known as Hope Point Tower, headed by out-of-state developer Jason Fane, seeks to build a nearly 600-foot, 40-story luxury residential tower on riverfront land with a current cap of about 130 feet — making the proposed building nearly five times the height limit currently allowed by zoning. It would also overrun adjacent parkland — property meant to be enjoyed by all city residents, not just those who live in luxury apartments. Despite these very real concerns, Fane has repeatedly rejected the idea of building the project on more appropriate sites, where it would fit in naturally with the surrounding development.

And it doesn’t stop there. Fane's proposal disrupts the flow of the city’s vibrant streetscape with a six-story parking structure. It fails to address the city’s real need for affordable housing. And it would ask the public to provide subsidized tax incentives, even though Fane has been mum on funding particulars for the project. Why should we prioritize an unsuitable proposal over others that would advance the city’s future while respecting its zoning? Where is the public benefit, beyond a couple of years’ worth of construction jobs?

Providence wasn’t built in a day. The city’s character has developed organically over the past three centuries. It’s part of what makes Providence great. We can’t let the whims of one developer overshadow the careful work of city leaders and residents. We must stand for realistic development and the voice of the public. We owe it to the city’s future to create a sustainable space that residents can enjoy for years to come.

We urge you to sign this petition to let your elected officials know that you oppose the Hope Point Tower proposal. Let’s stand together to support development that’s right for the future of all Providence residents. More on the issue

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