Complete the 35th Ave NE safety project now!

Complete the 35th Ave NE safety project now!

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This petition has been delivered to the mayor's office.  You are still welcome to sign or leave a comment, but if you would like to support this project, please call the mayor's office at (206) 684-4000 or send a short email to 

35th Ave. NE is a dangerous road that needs to be fixed.  The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has developed a plan that will use established street design principles to improve everyone's safety -- whether they walk, drive, bike, or bus.  Similar projects city-wide have virtually eliminated serious collisions, while minimally (and often positively) impacting traffic flow.  35th has about one serious accident every two weeks – we can’t wait any longer to make progress toward safety

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The 35th Ave safety project will help everyone:

  • People walking  will be safer and more comfortable because of two new flashing crosswalk beacons, greater separation from moving traffic, and better sight-lines at all marked and unmarked crossings.
  • People driving will have no reduction in the number of travel lanes. They will experience reduced congestion from fewer crashes and left-turn pockets at major intersections.  Parking predictability will increase from removal of time restrictions.
  • People on bikes will have separation from traffic to safely access local businesses and other parts of the city’s growing bike network.
  • People on transit will have faster trips thanks to consolidating bus stops and improving stop design.

While others are fighting to stop this project, we are neighbors who think this project can’t wait.   We all just want to get home safely.

if you have a second, add a comment about how this project will impact you, your family, and how you use 35th Ave. In addition to sharing signatures, we'll give all comments to city leaders. Your comments will help the city understand the importance of the project

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Photo credit: Allison Schwartz/SDOTblog