Regular Collection of Garbage in Cabanatuan City

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Most of the barangays in Cabanatuan city are now suffering from floods because of garbage clogging the drainage. Citizens are complaining because of the foul smell created by the uncollected garbage accumulated on their houses. People especially children suffer from diseases due to these garbage.

Garbage trucks must collect within the city everyday. They collect a certain type of garbage every day, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. But in our city, garbage trucks only collect garbage once a week. Sometimes, the garbage collectors are not collecting the garbage and causing it to accumulate and strays such as dogs and cats are digging up the trash and scatter it in the area.

In the barangay I live in, Magsaysay Sur, many houses were filled with large families producing massive wastes everyday. Every time I jog in the morning, I always saw mountains of garbage on the road. Sometimes some of my neighbor runs out of space where they will put their garbage so they burn it.
The smoke really gives a bad effect on the environment especially the people. My grandmother, aged 78 years old, she carries many diseases and when she inhales the smoke she always got sick because of her weak immune system.

As a citizen of Cabanatuan, I hereby say that some of its Barangay have a weak implementation of regular garbage collection.

We all know that Cleanliness is one of the factor that a certain places needed. This article focuses on the implementation of the ‘’everyday collection of garbage policy’’ of all Barangay in Cabanatuan City.

This is to promote cleanliness, easier segregation of waste and more. If the policy given above was implemented, it will be a great help to promote healthy surroundings. And if the garbage was regularly collected and properly disposed, this will lessen the chance of many diseases to come out because of improper segregation of waste.