#MovetheStripClubs from Downtown Reno

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Support the City Council in making the right decision for our town!  Proposed ordinances that have been discussed for over a year would move strip clubs out of downtown and into proper and existing zoning for adult businesses.  Under the proposed changes researched by City staff, strip clubs and adult bookstores would have five years to move to properly zoned areas of town, mostly within industrial areas.  Non-properly zoned strip clubs must stop serving alcohol and remove any digital signs within six months of the decision.  These zoning and ordinance changes will come before the Reno Planning Commission and the Reno City Council in the next month.  So, the time to comment and get involved is NOW! 

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and Councilwoman Neoma Jardon, who initiated the effort to clear downtown of sexually oriented businesses, voted against the alcohol restriction and the relocation of the existing strip clubs in September 12th of last year. The remaining five members, David Bobzien, Jenny Brekhus, Oscar Delgado, Noami Duerr, and Paul McKenzie, voted in favor of the proposal. We need to work to ensure this is a sweeping vote across the council.

We want a healthy, vibrant downtown that supports women and families - one that we can be proud to bring our out-of-town guests and family to. Importantly, this is a specific policy item in front of the City Council and the one that our elected officials can tackle head on. We need to let our electeds know - we care about this issue; we are VOTERS in our community and our opinion and voice matters!

Need some facts? Here is the reality of strip clubs in our community:

  • Myth #1: Strip clubs are perfectly fine employment establishments.  (Attached is a legal review, documenting the findings of what goes on in the clubs). Here are links to letters from past employees - Letters from employees.
  • Myth #2: Forcing the strip clubs to move is anti-business. Currently, the strip clubs in question are not properly zoned and the city is updating the ordinance to force their compliance. Adult businesses are only to be in industrial areas.

  • Myth #3: All cities have strip clubs downtown. Not true - not even Las Vegas. Strip clubs are only allowed in industrial areas, certainly not the downtowns.

  • Myth #4: It doesn't really matter, really - who cares. Well we should.  The strip clubs are a symbol of Old Reno, where the brand is sleaze and anything goes.  That is not who we are and not what we want to project to our visitors and families. The new Reno is here, and we are family and women friendly. 

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