Preserve Bridgewater: Smart Development for our Future

Preserve Bridgewater: Smart Development for our Future

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Preserve Bridgewater started this petition to Mayor Hayes; Bridgewater Township Council; Planning Board

Preserve Bridgewater: Smart Development for our Future (++please read note at very bottom)

Did you know that Bridgewater Mayor Hayes, the Bridgewater Town Council, and the planning board are close to approving a new high density development on Rt. 202/206?

The Center of Excellence will include 400 apartments, a hotel, a huge grocery store, and even more development. Combined with the other 3 developments underway in Bridgewater and Raritan, this will add over 1200 new rental units to our towns!

Why should you be concerned?

The plan does not fund schools. How will they absorb all of the new students? The estimated 232 new students will require $4.06 million of school funding which will come from us, the taxpayers!

Research on traffic impact DID NOT include the impact of other large developments on the same road and has not been approved by the New Jersey Department of Transportation

The plan does not retain the suburban character of Bridgewater

What can you do?

Dear Mayor, Town Council Members and Planning Board Members,

Please accept the attached petition as a statement against the current plan for the Center of Excellence development on Route 202/206. We hope you will listen to the constituents you represent and change the scope of this project before it irrevocably harms the landscape of our town.

We, the concerned residents of Bridgewater and Somerset County, demand that the plan include the following:

1. A plan to support our already strapped public school system. The use of PILOT funding will prevent the school system from generating money from property taxes at the site.  (learn about PILOT here and here);

2. Inclusion of other nearby developments in the traffic flow study as well as a plan to create a route 287 access ramp. The engineer you hired to determine the impact on local traffic admitted that he did not include data from the two religious institutions building and expanding on the same road. This oversight is unacceptable. (read about this here);

3. Keep the promise in the February 18, 2016 resolution that traffic would improve on 202/206 along with the development. Include approval from the Department of Transportation before moving forward with this project;

4. Retain the suburban character of Bridgewater.

Thank you for listening to the people you have sworn to represent. They are counting on you to do the right thing for their children and to make Smart Development for our Future.


Concerned citizens of Bridgewater

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!