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I have been wrongfully terminated by LA Animal Services

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This petition is meant to be small, and to be signed only by people who have been wrongfully terminated as a volunteer at LA Animal Services, weather it was under the reign of Barnette, or even before her. This type of corruption goes on at MOST municipal (government run) animal shelters across the country.

LA Animal Services is corrupt. General Manager Brenda Barnette encourages Captains and ACT Supervisors to terminate any volunteer who they think has made LAAS look bad in any way, even if it is not the volunteer who made them look bad, but their own neglectful practices. It is always the most dedicated volunteers, who care a lot about animals, and provide free labor, to better the conditions at the shelter for animals, try to find rescues and adopters for the animals who are let go.

It is those volunteers who make polite suggestions when they have ideas for improvement, that are let go. The Employee handbook says that LAAS reserves the right to terminate volunteers for any reason, and that they dont even have to give the volunteer a reason.

Brenda Barnette, and many of the managers at LAAS, are so afraid that they are going to lose their jobs, that they would rather sweep the poor conditions and practices at the shelter under the rug, then actually change them for the better, because they believe that if they make a change for the better, that they are admitting that things were bad in the first place, and they don't want to be seen as admitting that things were bad.

This unreasonable fear of losing their jobs, that drives them to terminate free labor, and cover up their mistakes, ensures that the bad conditions at LAAS will never improve. The most important thing to Brenda Barnette and her higher ups, is the way people VIEW the shelter, not the way the shelter is ACTUALLY functioning.

They want people to think that things are great at the shelter, and that they are making progress, that they are getting closer to no kill. They even doctor and falsify the live save rate to make it look like they are saving more lives. The truth is they arent even close to being no kill. The actual practices at LAAS involve the constant killing of healthy friendly animals, for "space" even when there are many cages open. 

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