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My friends and I recently visited "Pet Habitat" in the Metrotown mall in Burnaby, BC. We were saddened by the conditions we saw of the many animals in the store being sold. The animals are kept in incredibly small cages with little space to move and no food. They are given a bin to sleep in with a thin blanket and many sleep where they are supposed to go to the bathroom. After taking a few trips around the store we saw many dogs and cats trying to escape by scratching the sides of the cages, some were hiding in the corner clearly distressed and with the people taping and hitting the cages with their feet it offered no help. We went on to find a worker and ask them a few simple questions about the lifestyle of the pets. I started off with asking how much time the dogs get outside and whether they play with each other, they told me "they get out 5-6 times a day but some are too little to go out" I went on to ask why they were too little and was told "they aren't old enough and don't have the proper shots". For being a dog owner myself and knowing the policy of getting a new dog from a proper breeder I know that puppies cannot be taken from their mothers till they are 8 weeks old, but can go outside by 4 weeks and if the dogs don't have the "proper shots" maybe thats something they should be doing as its improper veterinary care. I also asked about a sign on a cage that said "xmas special" as I was wondering why it was a "special", the man told me the dog was getting older, so they lowered the price, but when looking at the dog it looked only a couple months so it made me think they were just trying to get rid of it so they could bring in a "newer and cuter" puppy that might sell easier and for more money. I was also told the animals stay in the cages overnight which means they are left there with no lights and who knows if they get any heating or air conditioning. I was completely taken back by the level of disrespect we were given. They were many more improper things I saw but to see all that in one day it disgusted me.

So why should we care... like i said, I am a pet owner and strive to be a Veterinarian in the future, and by knowing things about animals I guarantee this business is unacceptable. Many people in the store were walking around talking about how cute the animals were and that they wanted them without knowing how bad places like these are. Young animals learn the most when they are little just like people, so do you think they will grow up and not have any issues let alone medical issues after being kept in a cage for the first few months or their lives. Although puppy mills are the real issue for this, by signing, supporting and sharing this petition you can help put and end to the sale of animals in pet stores which is a major reason as to why puppy mills are still found. If you would like to see more pictures of read about this horrible place by simply googling "Pet Habitat Metrotown Mall" you will see pictures and stories of incredibly sad looking animals in cages. I hope to gain mayor Derek Corrigan and Burnaby councils attention to put a ban to this and you can help me too.  Thank you for your time.

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