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Removal of Chief of Police of Harlingen Texas (Vote of No-Confidence)

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Jeffry Adickes

Chief of Police, Harlingen, TX


Honorable Mayor Boswell and City Manager Serna,

We, the undersigned citizens of Harlingen, TX, who are currently residing in Harlingen, Cameron County, TX, have composed this letter to express our dissatisfaction with the current Chief of Police, Jeffry Adickes.

This letter is an expression of our “Vote of No Confidence” in Jeffry Adickes and his ability to effectively run our police department.  We understand the severity of this decision and did not arrive at it hastily.    

Harlingen has always been a city to be proud of, one of where decisions were made on a collaborative basis with the best interest of our residents and visitors in mind.  Harlingen has always been a city that experienced great vision from our leaders, where our law enforcement professionals are given the respect and support needed to achieve our community goals of a safe and secure place to reside and prosper.

We have recently learned that Jeffry Adickes was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in November 2012 in Austin, TX.  Although Mr. Adickes never answered for this crime, we feel that his fitness for duty as our Chief of Police is questionable.  Adickes’ blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of his arrest was more than twice the legal limit as measured by the breath BAC (0.192%) and three times the legal limit based on his blood-draw BAC (0.235%).

Additionally, Chief Adickes was involved in a fleet collision in a City of Harlingen vehicle.  According to the accident report, Adickes was distracted by his cell phone, causing him to collide with a stopped vehicle.  The report narrative indicates that there was no property damage, yet the report is clearly marked indicating that in the investigator’s opinion, there was at least $1000 damage to any one person’s property.  During the fleet collision, Chief Adickes did not take a required urine test for drugs or alcohol.

Since this information surfaced regarding Adickes DWI and his recent fleet collision, as well as the conflicting information contained in the accident report, we are concerned about Jeffry Adickes’ leadership specifically regarding the trust, collaboration, decision making, vision, and integrity as our Chief of Police.  We believe that Jeffry Adickes failed to comply with City of Harlingen Ordinances by using his cell phone for non-emergency reasons while driving.  Further, as a leader of our police officers, we feel that he should be providing an example for all police officers in our community and should have insisted that procedure be followed according to the letter of the law.

Jeffry Adickes is creating an unsafe environment for our community (impaired driving due to alcohol and cell phone use) and he has continually not accepted responsibility for his actions.  We are concerned that if he is not held accountable his past and future actions will cause more damage and/or injury to someone here in our community.

For these reasons, we the undersigned are voting “No Confidence” in Chief Jeffry Adickes of the Harlingen Police Department and hope and believe that you as leaders and role models will make the right decision and chose what is in the best interest of the citizens and visitors of Harlingen, TX, and remove Chief Jeffry Adickes as our police chief before he becomes a further liability.

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